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Mehmet Savcı was born on January 1, 1997, in Dornbirn, Austria. He completed his primary and secondary education in this city. After obtaining a degree in Commerce and Sales, he pursued advanced education in the banking sector. His love for music was nurtured in his early years due to his father being a musician.

Mehmet took his first step into the music career by receiving piano lessons from his esteemed teacher, Murat Üstün. As he began sharing his work from his own studio on social media, his popularity started to grow.

In 2015, he wrote his first song and composition, "Hoşçakal Sevdiğim". Alongside continuing his cover works, he introduced his own songs to a wide audience on social media. He shared songs like "Seni Arar Gözlerim", "Soldu Güllerim", "Nefretimsin", "10'dan Sonra", and "Zebil Ziyan" with his fans.

He collaborated with Onur Suygun for his first duet, "Altın Gibi", a pop song. He also worked with his dear Tuğçe Haşimoğlu for another duet called "Ben Artık Yokum".

Currently, he is sharing his most recent project, "Sebep Arama", with his fans.

Mehmet Savcı's musical journey continues to captivate music lovers' hearts through his works and passionate performances.

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